Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Testimonials

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… my Scarlett. She’s perfect. Smart, lovable, loyal and will be two years old in September. If you’re looking for a Cavalier King Charles puppy look no further. You are in the right place. The breader is easy to work with, responds to requests and questions. I would never go elsewhere else.

.Marlene Sullivan

My family has two puppies from here that we got in 2018 and 2020. We absolutely love them and are the best dogs. Shady Grove Acres is the best spot to get them!!

Chase Cohen

In June ,2023, a second Blenheim came to live with me. Milo is the little brother to Mia, a Blenheim 3 year old.These two are my constant companions, I would be lost without them. They are healthy and beautiful. I am so grateful for Jacob as a quality breeder who loves these dogs, in my opinion an excellent breeder. Thank you for the love, joy, and companionship they bring to my life.

Sharon Chapman

Jacob is the best, communication, the care and love these little pups get from his family is very obvious as soon as you meet the family and his facility is top notch and clean. We cannot be happier with Shady Grove Acres!!!!!!

Charles Merdich

We are so appreciative of our daughters research and advise to purchase our sweet three year old puppy from Jacob of Shady Grove Acres. Owning a dog was a big decision as we had recently retired and were dealing with many choices. I am happy to say our little dog has been with us only one week and we know we did the right thing. She is a little gem who constantly makes eye contact with us and shadows both my husband and I as we walk around our home and yard. The whole experience with the breeder and the dog have been calm, caring and comfortable.

Hope T, Massachusetts

Thank you, Jacob!

Hope Turner

We recently had the pleasure of acquiring a beautiful puppy named Haven from Jacob. From the moment we initiated contact, our experience was nothing short of exceptional.
Jacob distinguished himself as a superb communicator, providing us with regular updates, photos, and information about the entire breeding process. His transparency and commitment to ensuring our understanding of every step gave us immense confidence in our choice. He patiently addressed all our inquiries, demonstrating a deep knowledge and passion for the well-being of the puppies in his care.
When Haven finally arrived, it was evident that Jacob’s dedication extended beyond words. Haven was not just a puppy; she was a bundle of joy, arriving happy, healthy, and exuding a remarkable confidence that spoke volumes about the care she received during her early days..
The transition from Jacob’s care to our home was seamless, thanks to the excellent foundation he had laid. Haven immediately adapted to her new surroundings, displaying a charming personality that quickly became an integral part of our family!
Thank you, Jacob, for blessing us with Haven and for your unwavering commitment to the well-being of these precious pups. You have not just provided us with a pet but a cherished member of our family.

Melissa T.
  1. I would highly recommend Jacob and Shady Grove for your new puppy. We had a devastating experience last week traveling from Pgh to Florida to pick up a puppy from a breeder. The puppy was not eating from the day we purchased him and passed away within three days after us being told not to worry, that it was just nerves.
    I called Jacob and he delivered to my home the next day the sweetest little girl, so healthy and spunky and we could not be more grateful and happy! He truly cares about his pups and his customers!!
Karen Nickel

I highly recommend Shady Grove Acres! Jacob was wonderful helping us to find the perfect little girl puppy! She is beautiful, well socialized, loving- just absolutely perfect in every way! The facility at Shady Grove is immaculate and you can see that the puppies are well cared for and happy! Jacob was friendly and patient with us as we had a lot of questions. Thank you, Jacob, for giving our newest little member of our family a great start. We could not be happier !

Pam Merdich

Jacob is awesome. I received my baby boy Cavalier today in Massachusetts from Ohio. He is perfect. Happy, energetic, clean, he loves people and my other Cavaliers. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Jacob.

Jill Gillis

We just found our 6th puppy from Jacob, who patiently answered all my questions.
Since we live so far, Jacob recommended a puppy transport business, who brought our little tri girl to us.
She was clean and well cared for and is one of the sweetest puppies we have ever had. She learned to walk on a leash the first day, and loves her older brother and sister cavies. I highly recommend Shady Grove Cavaliers!!!

Debbie fisher

When we were traveling, we met a lovely couple that has purchased two dogs from you. This is the kind of dog we had been looking for and got on your website as soon as we got home. The videos of the puppies individually is wonderful and sure brings out their personalities. We had the delivery service van deliver the dog from Ohio to Florida and the dog was in perfect condition , smelled good, had eaten and had water and was very happy. It was so worth the $300. Our puppy has been with us for a day and a half and we are so in love with him and he is the best little boy. We can tell already he is very easy to train and loves to play and great with the grandchildren. We would definitely recommend this breeder. He is always available to ask any questions and is quick to get back with us. Very very easy transaction. Happy Owners in Florida💕🐾💕🐾💕

Lisa Foster

I just received my puppy (Oliver) from Jacob last week. He is just perfect and so well socialized and happy and healthy. I can’t purchase anymore Cavaliers as I have 3 now but I would definately go to Jacob for another one. I very highly recommend getting all your puppies from Shady Grove.

Theresa Gaffney

I bought my puppy from Shady Grove Acres. I can’t say enough good things about them. Jacob always called back if I called and always answered any question I had.
My puppy came to me sweet, friendly, beautiful and happy AND absolutely perfect . I am blessed.

Marlene Sullivan

Jakob came to me through recommendation from a friend who got her puppy from him and was absolutely thrilled. From our 1st conversation I knew I was going to be just as thrilled. He answered all my questions and gave honest answers. About a month later I have the absolute most adorable puppy. She is so well socialized that she slipped into our family like she’s been here forever. From start to finish I could not be happier with our new addition to our family 💕🐶💕

Nicole Scheiner

We just received our second Shady Grove Cavalier puppy in two years. Our first is a girl, Scarlett, and our newest is a boy, Rhett. Jacob raises healthy beautiful very HAPPY puppies. Jacob was very responsive to questions about availability, best practices for raising , and delivery. These puppies are amazing and a joy and we couldn’t recommend Jacob more highly.

Bryan & Rhonda Payne

We got our first boy, Rover, from Jacob in 2020 and just got our second boy, Rocky, from him this last week and he is just as perfect as our first! Jacob is kind, informative, and helpful! Both of our pups are absolutely beautiful, they came sleeping through the night in their kennels from night one, and potting outside. They are gentle and playful with our 3 children, as well as with our older lab mix, but also love to rest and chill! They are the most perfect dogs and I would recommend them to anyone! My parents have a Cav from Jacob and so does my sister-in-law! We love these pups so very much! Thanks, Jacob. Erin, Alabama


I got my Cavalier from Shady Grove because my son purchased from them. My son’s Cavalier is such a wonder dog – healthy, great temperament and disposition. Jacob, like many other reviewers have noted, was so incredibly helpful, taking time to talk to me and answer all my questions both before and most important after my puppy came home. I would not hesitate to recommend this breeder!

Melissa, Virginia

I got our boy Winston in Feb 2022. He has been a joy. Winston has a very expressional face. He tilts his head when you are talking to him and if he wants something he comes up to us and just starts yepping. Not a bark. It’s like he’s trying to talk. He defiantly lets you know what he wants. He is the most lovable dog I have owned.

nancy Burdette

Such a beautiful and loving little girl! Thank you Jacob for her.

Victoria, California

Our family adopted two retired Mom’s from Shady Grove. We chatted with Jacob about the possibility of adopting an older female. He provided us detailed historical information as well as personality insights. Jacob also offered a transportation option which worked out beautifully. Jacob was very patient with all of my questions and concerns. His answers were on point. The pups are truly amazing. We know that this kind of transition takes time. It has been six weeks and they are doing awesome. They are loving with our grandchildren. They are awesome with our other pups and cats. Their low energy is perfect for our retired life. Fully crate trained and good eaters with no issues eating with other dogs. They want to be close to me always sleeping within 4 feet of me. They love our big couch and have learned to jump on furniture which is a must for a cavalier. They do sleep at night in their crate and are very comfortable doing so. Oh, and did I mention they are absolutely gorgeous?!?! Feeling so lucky.

Joyce, Vermont

We have had our Cavalier Enzo for one month. He is a great puppy. He quickly took to his crate and his new home, with no problems through the night. He is very loving, playful, fun, active dog. He was easily socialized. He wants to greet everyone and especially loves children. Everyone who sees him complements us on what a beautiful dog he is. He loves to play in the backyard in the snow, and likes to run around in the grass as it’s warming up. Enzo is our first puppy, we couldn’t be happier with working with Jacob, getting pictures as we waited to pick him up, and the smooth and easy process. Enzo has brought great joy to our life. We feel like we got the best puppy for us.

Maria, Wisconsin

We purchased our cavalier from Shady Grove 3years ago. Our dog is an absolutely amazing companion. He is very friendly, gentle and sweet. He is great with the kids and is adored by all who meet him. He loves to play outside with us and also loves a good snuggle on the couch. Thank you for the excellent addition to our family!

Erin, Wisconsin

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Jacob and our two dogs. We purchased two puppies, six months apart. They have both been incredible dogs for our family. Great with people and our cat! They have filled a space in our family and we cherish them every day.

Sarah, Michigan

We got my Cavalier, Cooper, about 3 weeks ago. We are so thrilled with him. He came home the first night being able to sleep overnight in his crate, has picked up basic commands like sit, stay, come (when not distracted :0)..) and is incredibly social. We had Thanksgiving with 16 people and he was a total gentleman. Going from person to person with good manners and sleeping through dinner!! OMG! Also Cooper has the best disposition and is incredibly sweet. I would highly recommend Jacob and Shady Grove Cavaliers for your next Cavalier! I actually have a deposit down for another future puppy. Note: Before getting Cooper I was given a very good review/recommendation regarding Jacob and his dogs from another breeder which is a bonus!

Marjorie, Illinois

I purchased my Tucker in March 2021. He is the most playful and adorable boy. I lost my female CKC in 2020 after 16 years. He has definitely fill that hole in my heart. Jacob was wonderful to work with. Sending me weekly photos until I was able to get my boy! Highly recommend them!

Laura, Virginia

We got our cavalier puppy King 2 years ago and could not be happier! He is excellent with the kids, has a sweet and gentle temperament, and is a wonderful house dog. He likes to go for walks and play outside but is just as happy sitting on laps and being lazy. Mr Jacob and his family were wonderful to work with and we would recommend him to anyone. King is the perfect addition to our family!

Laura, Pennsylvania

Picked up our Cavalier pup 3 1/2 weeks ago. Great pup. Jacob was excellent to deal with. He’s a pup and does puppy behavior. Nearly housebroken and was well socialized. We spent one extra day in the area at the Guggisberg Inn before picking up the pup. Overall great experience!!! Would do this again in a heartbeat!! I’m a critical, picky person.

James/Sharon, Illinois

I brought home my pup, Reece, almost a month ago. He is doing so well & was happy from the moment I got him. I could tell that he was well taken care of while with Jacob. Jacob was great about communicating with me throughout and making the best decision for Reece’s health. Jacob & his family truly care for the health and wellbeing of all of their pups.

CASEY, Massachusetts

I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Jacob in purchasing my little Tri boy. Jacob was a pleasure to work with through out the entire process. I was especially impressed with the well maintained facility. Our little boy of 9/1/2 weeks did so well on the long ride home to Nebraska. We have been home for 5 days and he has settled in quite well. We are truly blessed with this gorgeous Tri boy, aka, TUX . Thank you Jacob for allowing us to purchase this quality, healthy puppy. I would absolutely recommend Shady Grove Acres to anyone who would like to purchase a beautiful, healthy puppy, Thanks Jacob.

Janet, Nebraska

Shady Grove Acres was recommended to me from a friend and they did not disappoint! The entire process was efficient. Whenever I had a question, Jacob was always available and willing to provide answers! Our tri colored female is beautiful and healthy! I highly recommend them as a breeder and actually plan to adopt another puppy in another year! Thank you for helping bring happiness into our home! We absolutely love our puppy, Molly!

Deanna, Massachusetts

We are so very thankful for our sweet girl Leah. Jacob was great to work with and very patient working with us on her adoption. Leah is a gentle spirit and very sweet girl. I will adopt from Shady Grove and Jacob again. Brad & Debbie

Debbie, Ohio

I don’t know what they’re doing at Shady Grove Acres, but whatever they are doing is right. Jacob was very informative, very knowledgeable, and answered any questions we had. After we agreed to buy a puppy from him, he stayed in contact with me and gave me updates on how the puppies were doing. When we received our puppy, he was a little over 9 weeks old. He arrived with all of his paperwork: date of birth, vet appointments, bill of health, contract guarantee, and a small bag of food. When he arrived, he was fully crate trained, playful, healthy, and will sit in our lap as long as we allow him to. We’ve had him for one week now, and he’s doing great on his potty training. In fact, he’s probably about 75% potty trained. We are thrilled with our Cavalier!

Daniel, Georgia

I can’t say enough about Jacob. He’s very professional, honest, & readily available for any questions. He sent weekly photo updates while my puppy was growing & weaning from his mom. I picked up my perfect Pacey puppy at 9 weeks old & he adjusted to my home beautifully. He came current on vaccines & my vet was very impressed with how healthy & active my little man is. I highly recommend Shady Grove for your next Cavalier furry friend!

Tara, Ohio

Mia, a little Blenheim girl, came to live with us in August. She is a bundle of energy and learning to be the dedicated lap dog. Jacob was so kind in helping me to find a puppy since we had recently lost our adored black American cocker. Mia has captured our hearts. She loves people and attracts all the attention in her puppy training class. Maybe training as a therapy dog is in her future. Thank you, Jacob for the joy of owning this little cavalier.

Sharon, West Virginia

We have a Beautiful tri-color female named Molly. She has the best temperament of any dog we have ever owned. She is petite and an absolute joy. We have had her for two years now and can not express what a wonderful breeder Shady Grove is

Chris, Texas

Our beautiful Blenheim girl, Finley. (FKA Hazel). arrived in March. She is healthy, smart and so funny! She was easy to train and is so affectionate. It was a pleasure to deal with Jacob. I appreciated that he sent me a video of her. He also recommended a great doggy nanny to transport her to New York. I hope to add another amazing girl to our household soon.

Raul, New York

We meet with Jacob regarding a Cavalier we saw on his Website, Drove down to see a puppy we were interested in, however there was someone ahead of us that was interested in the same puppy. Jacob was very honest telling us he had to give the other person a chance. We understood, and then saw Loyal ( now Joey) and fell in love with him immediately. Jacob is an awesome person and very honest. Got us on the right path with food and treats. If you are looking for a King Charles Cavalier please consider them. The facility is very well kept. Jacob had all the paperwork ready for us and explained everything to us. When we picked our Joey up he was bathed and looked so handsome. Thank you again Jacob!!!!!! Who knows, we maybe back again next year!!!!

Michael, Ohio

I bought my Leo, a 10 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, from Jacob at Shady Grove Pines. Jacob is very professional with the details of the paper work needed. He has a beautiful country home and genuinely seems to love and care for the puppies that he sells. Jacob was completely up to date with Leo’s shots, and even had Leo micro-chipped which was included in the price of Leo. Leo is very healthy so far. He is a very lovable, happy, and affectionate little guy and I just couldn’t be any happier with him. If anyone is searching for one of these little sweethearts, I suggest Jacob very highly. If I could give him more than 5 stars, I definitely would!

Drema, Ohio

Hi Jacob ! We are so happy and pleased that we got our puppy from Shady Grove Acres . He is just a cute little man and he is so loveable . He just loves to play all the time . Very good puppy . We sure do love him . He settled in really great .Goes potty out doors . Loves to go out doors. Went too the vets today . He weights 5lbs.1oz. . And doing great . Larry and I are very happy with the puppy we got from you . We highly recommend Shady Grove Acres for a puppy. They are great people. We also highly recommend any one that wants a puppy to buy it from Shady Grove Acres . We give Jacob a 5 star rating .Thank you so much Larry and Sandra.

Larry and Sandra , Vermont

We have gotten two puppies off Jacob, and both of them are so loveable. Very good with our other dogs and cats. So happy with Duke & lady. Jacob answer question easy to get a hold of.

Nicole, Ohio

Less then a month ago I adopted a tri color little girl and what a delight she is. From the very first day I brought her home she stole our hearts. She gets along with my cat and they became friends the minute I set her down on the floor. You can find them both sharing her crate. Her temperament is outstanding. She rips and runs full of playful fun but when I settle down for the evening she is right there on my lap ready to snuggle. Jacob made the process painless he was ready to answer all my questions, and I contacted him on several occasions. You can’t go wrong with Shady Grove Acres. 5⭐experience.

Kimberely , West Virginia

Hi Jacob, I just wanted to send you an update on how Sam (Skip) is doing, he is wonderful! Sam is the sweetest most well behaved puppy. He is a go anywhere-do anything companion by day and snuggler by night. He couldn’t be better behaved and we have had many compliments on how beautiful he is. Thank you so much for this great puppy! Erin

Erin, Wisconsin

I can’t say enough good things about Shady Grove. I had been looking for a King Charles puppy for a very long time and I was finally able to get my beautiful cav last week! She’s healthy and playful and everything I was expecting and more! The process of getting my puppy was completely hassle-free and Jacob answered all my questions and concerns and returned all my calls without delay My cav is my blessing and I’m thankful for Shady Grove for making this dream come true! 🙂

Ela, Texas

We picked up our pup Dash (FKA Gunner) from Jacob this past weekend. What a wonderful experience this was. Jacob was always available to answer any questions we had, and if he wasn’t available, he would call back right away. Jacob was very accommodating and he made the whole process extremely easy and pleasant. All his pups are just amazing. We even got to meet Dash’s litter mates. We are madly in love with our little guy, and when we decide to get a new pup, we will definitely come back to Jacob.

Maria, Maryland

I have dreamed of owning a Cavalier for years..not really a possibility in my state, very few breeders with extremely high prices, no papers, with a huge waiting list. researched breeders a long time..found Shady Grove and the puppies were not only beautiful but affordable and almost seemed to good to be true..but again I had done and relied on my research…so I took the plunge and purchased a puppy..she had to be shipped and we received our beautiful baby last night and she was above and beyond our expectations.. have never been through this experience before..but would recommend Shady Grove 100%

Debby, Oregon

We adopted Snickers, aka newly named Walter, about 4 weeks ago. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we adore him. Jacob was amazing to work with. We had our puppy driven to our home by Julianne’s Puppy Nanny Service recommend by Jacob. She was a joy to work with as well. It’s not everyday you can call and talk directly with your breeder and delivery service anytime of day. Thank you Shady Grove Acres we love our new edition to our family.

Taylor, Iowa

We are so pleased to have gotten our puppy from Shady Grove Acres. Jacob was wonderful to deal with and provided all of the veterinarian records and other helpful advice. Shady Grove is a beautiful and peaceful rural setting for the puppies. We drove several hours to Shady Grove and it was well worth it. Our puppy is doing great and we owe it to Shady Grove. Thanks again!

Michael, Ohio

My wife and I drove up to pick up our new puppy last week and we are already in love! Jacob was so helpful and has really done a great job with these little cavaliers. Birdie is so loving and playful. Being first time puppy owners we could not be happier! Thanks Jacob! Daniel @ Ally

Daniel, South Carolina

We are so in love with our sweet tricolor cavalier puppy who remarkably is potty trained and has learned to walk on a leash in 2 days!! His temperament is of the sweetest and calmest nature which makes him even more adorable!! It was a pleasure to meet Jacob and his family and we highly recommend Shady Grove. You won’t be disappointed!!

Fern, Ohio

My Lilo formerly Roxy is a very sweet puppy. She’s settling in really well. We’ve had her a week and she’s already scratched at the door to go potty several times. I’ve taught her to sit and mostly come unless puppy curiosity gets the better of her. She’s doing ok in her kennel at night so far and walking pretty well on a leash. We went to the park yesterday and everyone just loved her. Hey husky big brother is doing ok, except when she wants to snuggle him lol. He’s a loner. My vet said she seems very healthy. She’s starting to sleep longer at night and whines a little when she has to pee. She is doing ok in her kennel at night so far. Thought you’d like an update. 🙂

Elizabeth, Ohio

Gabe is wonderful! He is our second Cavelier. He is everything we hoped for and more. On the day of purchase, Jacob and his entire family met us in the front yard and not only introduced us to his family but all of his puppies families as well. We had plenty of time to spend with the puppies without being pressured. Facilities were emaculate. We would highly recommend Jacob. We give his entire establishment 5 stars. Thanks again!!

Patrick and Kelly, Ohio

I looked all over the place for a cavalier puppy, but wasn’t comfortable with any of the breeders I found. I happened upon Shady Grove and I’m so thrilled that I was able to buy a puppy from them. Jacob kept our puppy for an extra 3 weeks for us after we bought her because of a previously planned vacation. Our girl is happy and healthy. When I decide to buy another cavalier, it will definitely be from Shady Grove!

Rachel, West Virginia

Jacob was extremely professional and knowledagable throughout the entire process. I was super impressed with the environment that the puppies are raised in. Jimbo is such a good dog with an amazing temptement- which attests to the way that Jacob raises his puppies. Highly recommend him to friends and family.

Christina , Illinois

Our little Cavalier, Milo, is 6 months old now. He is a happy, healthy and very sweet little guy! Shady Grove is a very clean, knowledgeable and respectful breeder. We highly recommend!

Rener, Ohio

Jacob and family, it was very nice spending time at your home and kennel during our recent OFA eye health clinic! Myself and the board certified eye doctor were both very happy to see a nice clean and fresh smelling kennel with friendly social and well adjusted dogs of good breed type. It is always nice when we can tell that the exercise/play yards are being used and that the dogs are quiet and well cared for. It always makes me happy to see breeders who are doing health testing on their dogs and are always seeking to be their best. Thank you.

Stacy, Oklahoma

I have bought two cavaliers, the first one in August, and the second one just two weeks ago. I’m very pleased with both puppy’s. Both are Tri’s. They are very healthy, I couldn’t be happier with them. Jacob was always very helpful all the time with me. Hilda

Hilda, Florida

I have had my little man, Kit (a Duke indeed!) for a month now and cannot express how blessed I feel to have found Jacob’s website. Kit has been doing amazingly since the minute that I picked him up from Jacob’s beautiful property the day after Thanksgiving. He is the most confident and loving little puppy that I have ever met. We visited the veterinarian just a few days after Kit’s big move to Virginia and everyone in the office was struck not only by how confident and well adjusted Kit was but also by how beautiful he was, from his coat to his eyes, ears and even his little puppy teeth. My veterinarian did not recommend any deviation from the care and feeding routine that Jacob had established, down to the frequency and type of food. Kit’s wonderful personality and excellent physical health are 100% attributable to having been raised and cared for by such an excellent breeder. From the moment that I made an inquiry through this website, Jacob was beyond helpful. He immediately contacted me and was kind enough to answer all of my questions, and did so throughout the whole process. It took hours for me to decide among the available tricolor puppies, they are all so adorable, and I know that I chose the right one for me. I absolutely love Kit to pieces, he has brought so much happiness to my life already and I know that we will be best buddies forever. I would not hesitate to recommend Jacob to anyone who is interested in bringing a little Cavalier love into their lives and if I ever decide to get another one myself, I would not look any further than Shady Grove Puppies. Thank you Jacob!

Tracey, Virginia

Our beautiful tricolor Cavalier puppy is everything we had hoped he would be and even more so. He is very beautiful and gentle. He gets along very well with our other Cavalier Blenheim puppy who, surprisingly, happens to be his older half brother, by four weeks! Jacob is an excellent, knowledgeable breeder. His charming children are helpful in raising well socialized puppies. You can rely upon Jacob’s care and integrity in providing wonderful Cavalier puppies!

David, Michigan

Oscar is doing great! He came home pretty much potty trained. He quickly learned what door to go to when he needs to go potty. He is a bundle of joy and finally found his voice. He adapted quickly to his new home. He loves to run outside and play with his toys. He loves going on car rides and taking walks. His favorite thing to do is to run after is mini frisbee. I would highly recommend to get a dog from Jacob.

C, Illinois

Joey (formerly Max) is doing awesome! Joey is a great joy and growing everyday. I taught him sit, down and we are working on come. Joey gets along awesome with my other pup Ollie. We are going to hunker down this weekend as hurricane Irma is going over top of us. We are prepared and I told Joey not to worry. Thank you Jacob for our wonderful puppy!

Judy, Florida

Charlie (the wild child LOL)and Milo are the best puppies, they are active but then also calm down for naps in their crate, which they have excepted with no problems. They are eating and drinking their water, and they slept thru the night and no accidents in the house. Jacob is a great breeder and cares about his dogs and puppys.

Jim and Shirley, Ohio

What joy little Emma has brought to our family! After my Cavalier King, Genie, passed way, the summer became very lonely for myself and my son. I was reluctant to get another dog so soon after her passing, but then I saw Emma’s photo on Jacob’s website and I could not let her be sold to someone else. After Emma, who’s cuter is person than in the photo, joined our family, we all agree that I made the right decision. She is active and playful and just adores my 5 year old son. She is so extremely well behaved that it’s hard to believe that she is only 15 weeks old. She arrived already housebroken and just loves the attention that we all give her. I was concerned about purchasing her online but Jacob is very easy to contact and provides support through the entire purchase and travel process. He also is accessible to answer any questions you may have after your puppy’s arrival. I would highly recommend Shady Grove Puppies since I believe that Jacob genuinely cares about the puppies that he has up for adoption and it shows in how well they adapt to their new home environments. Thank you!

Joanne, Connecticut

What a great experience it was to pick up a pup from Jacob! My 15 year old cavalier died in May so I was hesitant to find one so soon. Over the past 5 months I have called Jacob a few times with questions and he was friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend pups from Shady Grove Acres.

Rae, Ohio

In July we got our new little Cavalier 8 week old puppy from Shady Grove Acres, and named him Cappy. He was flown to us from Ohio to Seattle, and when we picked him up at the airport, he was as calm and collected as though he had done this many times! Cappy was introduced to our new baby kitten, and they loved each other from the beginning! Cappy has put many miles on in our motor home all the way to Ketchikan, Alaska, where we will be until the end of September. Cappy enjoys romping through the State Parks and towns of Alaska, and he can’t pass even 1 person without everyone stopping to admire his good nature and commenting on what a beautiful dog he is!! We love Cappy dearly, and have been more than pleased with how Jacob almost immediately answers any question we may have with complete patience. His runs his business kindly and very professional. Anyone would be completely satisfied with all facets of Shady Grove Acres.

Renee, Florida

We purchased a Blenheim male puppy in April. This pup is wonderful. He is completely house trained to a doggy door. He answers commands to sit, stay, lay down, shake and rollover, he is 6 months old! The vet is impressed with his progress. He steals the show whenever we take him out on the town. He is such a polite dog, he sits and lets anyone pet him. The only time you hear him bark is when you unroll the garden hose because he loves to play in the water!! We are in love and Jacob was great. The property was clean and so was our puppy. Jacob even changed his plans to let us get him a day earlier. Thank you.

Rachel, North Carolina

I can’t say enough about our experience in purchasing our very first Cavalier from Jacob! We bought a 16 week old female Blenheim, who is absolutely the perfect dog. Very calm, loving and cuddly. His kennels were wonderfully well kept, and the dogs were all beautiful. I will definitely purchase another Cavalier from this breeder, and would highly recommend him. Thanks Jacob!

Denise, Ohio

Jacob is an excellent breeder. He will definitely work with you and answer all your questions and concerns. I recently purchased an adorable Blenheim female puppy from him, and she’s playful, sweet, smart, and just full of energy. She loves to explore and run around in our backyard. The whole family loves her. Kelsey (Alice) has adjusted well to her new home and is doing well with crate-training. I highly recommend Jacob and Shady Grove Acres to anyone who wishes to adopt a Cavalier King Charles puppy.

Ariane, Texas

I just cannot say enough good things about our experience with Jacob. He was a pleasure to work with on the purchase of our precious puppy. The facility was clean are well maintained. And we are so happy with the puppy whom we named Charlie. He was very calm on the car ride home and happy just to be held and petted. We have had him for four days now and he is adjusting very well. He romps and plays with our grandson. He is a smart little thing, and is beginning to understand the commands “come”, “down” and “no.” He is doing great with house training. I would definitely recommend Jacob and Shady Grove Acres to anyone wanting to adopt a puppy!

Diane, Michigan

We recently purchased a Cavalier King Charles puppy, and are very pleased with the puppy and the breeder. Jacob is extremely kind and helpful, always happily available to answer any questions I’ve had, promptly and thoroughly, before and after our purchase. Our puppy is just beautiful, in perfect health, and very sweet. She has settled in nicely, and potty training has gone very well. We are very pleased. Thank you so much, Jacob.

M.J., Pennsylvania

Great experience! Very understanding and upfront through the entire process, highly recommended. Dog is of great quality and I would not hesitate to do business again.

Eli, Ohio

Thank you so much for our beautiful pup. I was so impressed with the conditions that your beautiful dogs live in. I was even more impressed by the way you care about your pups and your integrity. Buying a pup so far from home is a scary process because you never know what you might be going to look at. I am so glad that I was lucky enough to come across your website and choose you to purchase my puppy from. Our little Gabby was worth the long drive. Thanks again so much.

Tara, New York

Hi Jacob, Just a little note to let you know Beau is doing wonderfully. He learned how to use the doggie door almost immediately. He holds his own with the big guys. He is a bold little boy and he likes to spend time sleeping on my lap. And he is growing like a weed. Thank you for this beautiful, amazingly smart, happy little boy.

Linda, Ohio

Jacob, Thanks for Amber! everyone in the family has quickly fallen in love with her. I would recommend you to anyone! Again, thanks!

David, Ohio

Jacob is an excellent breeder and a very fine human being! I was struck by his integrity and exceptional character throughout the process of buying a puppy sight unseen off the internet. He answered all my calls right away and followed through on his word immediately every time. I could tell that he cares about his puppies and my little Flora arrived in excellent condition. Her personality is so winsome and I can tell that she was treated well and well cared for. She is sweet and spunky and incredibly beautiful – well, I am her mom now, so I’m biased. I can’t recommend Jacob highly enough.

Barb, Pennsylvania

I recently purchased an 11 week old Cavalier King Charles from Jacob at Shady Grove. This is my first puppy and Jacob has been there every step of the way. I’ve called him several times with questions and he always responds with great advice. The puppy is an amazing lil guy. He has not had any accidents in his crate and I’m pleasantly surprised how quickly ‘Mico’ has caught on to doing his business outside. I would highly recommend Jacob and Shady Grove to add a puppy to your family.

Angelo, Massachusetts

When we insisted that the puppies be checked by a vet of our choice, Jacob had no problem with that at all. He accompanied us and the puppies to the vet . The puppies got clean bill of health and Jacob was so kind to take care of the vet fee (his way of thank you that we adopted two puppies from him.) We will proudly refer family and friends to Jacob when they are ready to adopt a puppy of their own!

H and K, Texas
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